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Do you need any equipment support for your local Gaelic training drills? If so, then check out some of the Gaelic drill equipment recommendations below that should be of interest to you. The one good thing here is the fact that all of these items can be ordered online and delivered to your home or Gaelic grounds hassle free which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Ordering online has become more and more popular nowadays in light of the current situation and stock availability on certain items can be unreliable in certain stores. These items we found are readily available from Amazon UK to support you and deliveries are normally done in a few days.

Please note also that only guide prices can be shown below so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Gaelic Drills Equipment Recommendations (12)

1, Disc Football Training Cones

Main Features to Note:

Pack includes a set of 50 marker cones
Ideal for space markers for kids & adults
5 colours red, green, blue, yellow & orange
Can be used for a wide range of sporting activities
Made from LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene
100% money back guarantee
Price Guide: Less than £20 @ Amazon

2, Sport Traffic Marker Training Cones

Main Features to Note:

Pack includes a set of 12 larger cones
4 different colours – yellow, green, red & blue
Can be used for indoor and outdoor drills
High visibility colours which are easy to see
Customer satisfaction is guaranteed
UV protected and fade resistant for longevity
Price Guide: Less than £20 @ Amazon

3, Agility Speed Ladder 6 meters

Main Features to Note:

Speed ladder 6-meter-long with 12 rungs
Includes 4 stakes and 10 cones also in the pack
Rungs are wide and 42cm long
Stakes help keep the ladder secured in place
Includes a carry bag to keep it all portable
Price Guide: Less than £20 @ Amazon

4, Football Traffic Cones for Drills

Main Features to Note:

Large cones which can be used indoors / outdoors
Different colour options available to choose from
Colours available are blue, green, red & yellow
Pack includes 10 cones 23cm - highly visible
Thicker LDPE - Low density poly-ethylene cones
Price Guide: Less than £15 @ Amazon

5, Mitre Set of 8 Water Bottles

Main Features to Note:

Bottle and bag set for teams (avoid sharing)
Set of 8 blue bottles, 80 cl each
Twin carry handle on the bag and double zipper
Single bottle purchase options also available
Bag size dimensions are 28cm by 25cm by 40cm
Price Guide: Less than £35 @ Amazon

6, Forza Gaelic Training Footballs

Main Features to Note:

Singe ball or pack of 5 or pack of 13 options
Hi-Tech airlocked & 100% hand stitched
Hand fastened seams with a solid bonding
Virgin grade natural rubber & synthetic rubber
Laminated for durability (delivered deflated)
Price Guide: Depends on pack sizes

7, Syolee Tool Inflator Ball Pump

Main Features to Note:

Popular ball pump with 10 needles
Value adapter and air hose for other uses
Not to be used as a bike tyre pump
10 stainless steel needles in the pack
100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
Price Guide: Around £5 @ Amazon

8, Hipat Whistle 12 pack Set (plastic & metal)

Main Features to Note:

Pack of 12 whistles – 7 plastic and 5 metal
Loud crisp sound whistle for coaching staff
Can be worn around the neck with metal rings
Stainless steel whistle is corrosive resistant
Back up customer service support is available
Price Guide: Less than £10 @ Amazon

9, Prostyle Sports Training Bibs (set of 10)

Main Features to Note:

Training bib sets of 10 – multi colour options
Can be used for multiple sporting types
Sizes available for kids, youths & adults
Black, amber, blue, yellow or maroon
Orange, Navy, Red, White, Pink or green
Price Guide: Less than £20 @ Amazon UK

10, Mitre Ball Bag – 12 ball capacity

Main Features to Note:

Large ball bag to carry 12 inflated balls
12 balls each of size 5 can be stored
Shoulder strap is adjustable and comfortable
Made from polyester with cord closure system
Superb accessory to prevent balls being misplaced
Price Guide: Less than £20 @ Amazon UK

11, Slalom Poles 12 Pack

Main Features to Note:

Training drill support poles with holdall
Ideal for practicing side movement skills
Can be used for small or large groups
12 white poles and the sizes are 180cmL
Carry bag also included for storage
Price Guide: £20 to £30 @ Amazon

12, Net World Sports Agility Hurdles

Main Features to Note:

6 hurdles in each pack for footwork techniques
3 size options – 6 inch, 9 inch or 12 inch
Great for supporting leg and step speed
Curved design makes them tip over on impact
Shatterproof & made with durable solid plastic
Price Guide: £15 to £30 @ Amazon


After viewing all our recommendations, we hope that this short list was helpful to you in some small way. Ordering online has become the norm nowadays and deliveries from the UK are a lot quicker than you would think. Plus, and all deliveries are tracked so you get emails on delivery progress which is great to know in advance of the delivery arriving at your doorstep.

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